【Double Serum】 เซ็ตผิวฉ่ำขั้นสุด
【Double Serum】 เซ็ตผิวฉ่ำขั้นสุด
【Double Serum】 เซ็ตผิวฉ่ำขั้นสุด
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【Double Serum】 เซ็ตผิวฉ่ำขั้นสุด

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[Double Serum] เซ็ตผิวฉ่ำขั้นสุด

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Skin Serum (50g)*2 
แถมฟรี Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Toner (30ml)*1
Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Skin Serum (50g)
7 days of applying the concentrated serum can reduce the dullness of the skin and restore the moisture of the skin.
Skin Type appearance of the skin for all skin types.
The target for solving problems Dry skin,
dull and sagging skin, large pores, age wrinkles
Double Serum, Double Care💞
แอดไลน์รับคูปองส่วนลด 250 บาททันที


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    Product details
    Swiss Vita Micrate 3D All- Use Skin Serum (VitaBtech) 50g*2
    Outstanding features
     Deep skin rejuvenation Increases the power of moisturizing and protecting the skin to be strong, smooth, soft.
    With vitamin B12 extracts from cat's claw and VitaBtech formula Copyright of ALLYOUNG. that helps repair and maintain healthy skin Able to manage skin problems comprehensively
    How to use
    Use daily, morning and evening after cleansing the face. by applying serum all over the face You can use your fingers to gently massage until the serum is absorbed into the skin.
    • External use only
    • It should be used within 6 months after the first opening.
    • Store in a cool area or room temperature. Store in a dry place Avoids heat and sunlight.
    • If used and irritation occurs, you should stop using it immediately.